A folly for London – 2015

An artistic, satirical interjection to protest the planned Garden Bridge in central London comprising of a free-to-enter and open-to-all competition for ideas and designs for new dystopian architecture to be sited on the public land which would be lost to the private Garden Bridge should it ever go ahead.

Entries came in from across the world and the project garnered attention across mainstream, architecture and art media including in La Repubblica, The Guardian, Dezeen and Apollo. Importantly it helped raise awareness in both the public and media of the many issues including environmenal damage and greenwash, democratic dodginess, loss to heritage and privatisation of public space.

The entries can all be seen on the A Folly For London website alongside other public acts to take action against the controversial project. These included guerrilla gardening, public speaking, collaborating on a London Festival of Architecture walking tour and other acts of protest.

As the strategy to oppose the Garden Bridge developed the campaign outgrew the Folly For London format and website and is now concentrated under A Bridge Too Far.