To a line – 2014

An installation comprising of a moving image triptych (below) and wall based work of 120 photographs on glass plates taking Alfred Watkins’ 1921 theory of ley lines as a starting point for looking at our relationship to landscape and the psychological rootedness within it. It uses the vantage of family relationship and my father’s search for the St. Michael’s ley line in the fields near the house he moved to after being diagnosed with cancer as a mode of trying to locate, understand and explain something which is invisible.

The arrangement of images mixes new photography by myself with images from the archive of Alfred Watkins who created the initial theory of ley lines who was also an accomplished photographer and developer of photographic equipment. A culmination of a two year period of research and development, the project brought up a number of areas of interest across family, landscape art, English history, forms of communication and psychology.

It was made possible with the award of a production residency at Four Corners and a collaborative book, Extending ley lines, was made parallel.